Hello, I'm Diwi the Adventurer !

All sorts of crazy things happen to me every day in Barrière Hotels that I would like to tell you about !
Are you ready to solve all the puzzles I've planned for your stay ? Will you become a real Adventurer too ? I can't wait to see you !

If you have already stayed at a Barrière hotel, you can ask your parents to help you make your own holiday souvenir photo album to show your adventures to your family and friends.

It's really simple. Ask your parents to set up an account. If they've already done so, just click on "already subscribed".

Have fun and see you soon at a Barrière hotel for new adventures.


Étapes à faire avec tes parents :

  • Transfer
    all your photos
  • Insert them into
    the Diwi album pages
  • And that’s it! Your Diwi
    holiday album is ready !